1. I am unable to log in through the web portal.

    If you are logging in through the web portal for the first time, be sure to use the log in credentials that are stated on the account letter. Also check that you are accessing the web portal from www.theinterlacecondo.com.sg.

  2. I am unable to log in through the mobile apps portal.

    To log in through the mobile apps portal, make sure you have already activated your account via the web portal before you can access the mobile apps portal.

  3. I have forgotten my password.

    In case you have forgotten your password, you may reset your password via this link, www.theinterlacecondo.com.sg/users/password/new. You will need to provide your UserID and an email on how to reset your password will be sent to your email account.

  4. I have forgotten my UserID.

    For owners, UserID will be set as the following format, (Block Number)(Unit number)_owner.
    Eg. 2001919_owner
    For tenants/residents, you may check with condo support as to what was the UserID that was being created.

  5. I am a new owner of the unit, should I take over the previous owner's account?

    Please contact MA to have a new account set up for you. +65 67342481

  6. I am a tenant of the unit and I do not have an account yet.

    You may check with the owner of the unit if they have created an account for you. Alternatively, you may contact the MA to have an account set up for you. +65 67342481

  7. Anything is not related to technical support e.g. cannot click or login, please refer to the MA : MCST4120@gmail.com or call Interlace managment office - +65 67342481.